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Godlike In Every Way, Cursed As Mortals Every Day

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Life... Mar. 24th, 2004 @ 11:11 pm
Oh, another thing. I'm making this an open forum on politcal and religious views because well, I like a good debate.

Enjoy your stay.


Mar. 24th, 2004 @ 10:52 pm
woooo! i am the first one!! ahahaha!!
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New direction... Mar. 24th, 2004 @ 07:48 pm
This will be a community for aspiring filmmakers, screenwriters, etc.

Here, you'll be able to find other people with similar interests.

So welcome.

I'm looking for collaborations on future projects. It'll build experience for all of us.


Mar. 23rd, 2004 @ 10:44 pm

oh yeah, hi.
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So welcome, fuckers. Mar. 22nd, 2004 @ 11:42 pm
Yeah, I decided to make a community. Only those who are truly gifted need apply.

What is this community for? It's for intellectuals seeking humor and whatever else they desire.

Actually, I have no idea. Anyone can join this community. Anyone can post. Anyone's free to talk about anything. If you're a movie buff, this is a place for you. If you're a music buff, this place is for you. If you're female and you suck good dick, you can contact me for further details...

So until I decide what kind of community this is, it's open.

~The Ty
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